I’m about to snap


Taking photos is one of my favourite pastimes. So when I’m on holiday or anywhere with a scenic view, I’ll probably have camera in hand. When I travel with my sister, her eye roll says it all when I whip out my camera to capture some scenes. I have learned from experience some of the tips which are listed below, most of them have improved my quality of photos. So here are the tips accompanied by some I have taken myself. These can either be applied to photos taken on a phone or a camera, it really doesn’t matter!

1. Watermarks


If you are posting photos on the internet, it might be a good idea to watermark them. This way it’s harder for people to take credit for YOUR photos, it doesn’t have to be big, just a little word, phrase or symbol would be useful to stamp your identity on it. And I do realise the irony of using the above picture as it is not my own, but who doesn’t love the grumpy cat?


2. Angles, angles, angles

They can transform a picture, making it more interesting, exposing different details and the ratio of the objects that are being pictured. Move about and take lots of shots, you might like a certain angle that you would never have previously considered.


3. Composition

It can be useful to be sure you have the right ratios in the picture. Not too much sky, or too little of the person in the photo etc. Getting a balanced shot can take some time and practice so, taking multiple shots can help to see what looks alright and what looks great!


4. Use lighting to your advantage

The best lighting is natural light, having the sun at the right position in the sky can set the tone for your photo. If you want a soft sunset, a bright midday shot or want to use luminous rain clouds, these lightings can set the mood and desired shadows. So be adventurous, get up early and catch the sunrise and wait out the sunset, it’ll be worth it!


5. Props

Whether its still or live props, it can make a photo more dynamic and interesting. I love using animals in photos, or some strangers that are in the right place at the right time. They can bring a photo to life and can also give it a topic like a center piece.


6. Orientation

It’s a good idea to assess potential photos ideas by making sure you are getting everything you want into the shot. For instance, scenery and landscapes are usually best shot in landscape, and portrait orientation are commonly used for portraits, not rocket science really. Just don’t miss anything out the photo, you can usually adjust the photo sizes before taking it to see it if it’s a good fit for your particular shot.


7. Edit photos, express your creativity


 It can be fun to take your photos that little bit further, whether it be enhancing colours, cropping to desired sizes, adding filters or applying some effects. If you are more adventurous than just clicking on an Instagram filter, then you could tap into editing photos manually, adjusting hue, saturation, contrast, brightness, focusing etc, to make your photo look its best. However, just be aware that over editing can sometimes end up ruining a photo so avoid piling on the filters, sometimes small adjustments can be the best!


8. Stand out


You can still defy the so called “rules” of photography and still end up with really interesting photos. As long as they stand out and people want to look at them then that’s fine, right? Why else do we take them, for the pleasure of looking at them and the individual story that each of them tell.

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