Paris on Pennies

My sister and I took a week trip to Paris in April this year. As the pair of us are students, our finances could only stretch a fraction of our imaginations. This only meant that we had to make the most of our days enjoying the free things in life.

So how did we do it?

We were coming from Edinburgh, Scotland where we flew with Transavia airline to Orly Paris Airport. The flight was £35 (~€41)each including our luggage. Pretty decent.

From the airport to the city center we got the Orly Bus which is €8 pp. Our apartment was right next to the drop-off point at Denfert-Rochereau, or perhaps you know it as the home of the Catacombs. We airbnb’d it because we are super suave and modern, which cost us £200 (~€230) for 5 nights in a studio apartment. Bargain.

We walked everywhere. We only got the metro one day when we were coming home from being at the Arc de Triomphe via the Eiffel Tower (our feet were understandably throbbing). The metro is €1.90 pp and the ticket lasts up to an hour for travel, handy.

As I mentioned, we visited the Arc de Triomphe, where you can get a spectacular 360° view of Paris. The entry fee for an EU nation is free. Woohoo.

View from the Arc de Triomphe

We also visited The Lourve Museum, also free for EU nationals. The Musee d’Orsay- also free for students. City of Paris Museum of Modern Art, Musee Picasso, all free for students under 26. Seriously?!

For food, as we are both vegetarian, our meals are usually on the cheaper side of the menu. That’s right, no snails or even frog legs for us…unfortunately…. What a shame.

We didn’t really consume much alcohol which could have perhaps have been a major factor in our budget. Apart from popping into a pub at happy hour where we got our “blonde beers” for €4, we didn’t take advantage of the wine selection Paris had to offer, because…well…I don’t like wine. What! What’s wrong with you?

To get home we took the EuroStar to St Pancras Station in London, which if booked in advance can be purchased for £24 pp (~€28). We arrived into London at around 0800 where we got to spend the whole day before getting on the coach at night from Victoria Station to head back to Scotland, which was £8 pp (~€10). Voila.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So even after buying keying’s and macrons (which do not taste as good as they look) to take back as gifts we tallied up the money score. Including food, travel (when in the city) and any other items purchased whilst here, we ended up only spending €150 between us. To be honest, most of the money saving was unintentional and at no point did we feel that we were limited in what we could do. There are so many great things to do and see for free- monuments, gardens, galleries and parks- that makes it a pleasant trip for you as well as your bank account.

Some may call it “being cheap” but we call it “being Scottish”. Stay Cool Bloggers.

To see more of my photos visit my insta page @erolminded 🙂


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